Sunday, February 19, 2012

This is the way I start my day

One of the first things I do every morning is pump for baby Linus. I HAVE to. When I first started pumping I did early morning when I seemed to have an excess anyways. I co-bed with baby Cullen and generally allow him to feed from the left side during the night to avoid the circus acrobats of flipping sides or having to wake up enough and then stay awake through the feed for me to be sitting up as well as the whole putting baby back down game. (Have you been there, you know what I am referring to). So by morning I have a good supply of milk in the right breast, just waiting to see the pump. These morning pumping sessions don't always yield the same amount of milk but generally range from 3oz to 6oz. Occasionally there has been 8oz.

Bodies are pretty amazing things. I am pretty sure my mindful connection to Becky and Linus creates a physical response in my body. There have been times when I am busy, say cooking supper, and I will think "OH NO, I have not pumped again today" and will get a let down that I can feel. In these moments, Cullen is generally asleep or happy having been nursed recently. These small times usually produce about 2-3 additional ounces.

I am typing this post as I pump this mornings supply and already I am at 4oz. I stop every few minutes to do some breast massage or breast compressions to ensure all the ducts have been emptied. Both the massage and the compression definitely enhance yield. Those are a must for pumping.

Having this be a part of my morning routine gives me a dose of motherly hormones and I feel good as I see the milk and get it ready to store for a future trip. It is a great way to start the day.

(P.S. By the time I was ready to publish the post I was at a yield of 5oz)

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